“Screech” Bird Scaring Cartridge – Product Spotlight

01 March 2017

Primetake “Screech” Bird Scaring Cartridge

Primetake offers the “Screech” 12 Gauge Bird Scaring Cartridge for both Shotguns and the Primetake supplied Signal Pistol adapted to 12 Gauge. As the name suggests, this cartridge emits a high pitch screech noise during flight, with a range of 70m ±10m.  Primetake offer this cartridge to enhance the overall portfolio of bird scaring cartridges, giving users a wider selection and capability to adapt to different situations. Primetake Bird Scaring Cartridges are designed to be used in and around airports and airfields to help with control of bird movement and dispersal.


Bird Scaring Cartridges

  • PT1008 – 12G Shotgun Screech
  • PT1001 – 12G Screecher

Signal Pistols & 12 Gauge Adaptors

  • PT9005B – 26.5mm Signal Pistol
  • PT9005D – 38mm Signal Pistol
  • PT9005X – Adaptor Proofed 1.5″ to 12G
  • PT9005Y – Adaptor Proofed 26.5mm to 12G

Capability & Specification

  • Calibre: 12 Gauge
  • Effect: Tracer & High Pitch Screech
  • Range: 70m ±10m




You can see the “Screech” 12 Gauge Bird Scaring Cartridge in action in the video below.

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