Cheetah, Wildlife Protection.

We are a new player in this market, but with 40 years experience in the aviation and ammunition markets, we aim to convince our customers that Cheetah Wildlife Protection is a name to trust.
Based on our client's requirements we will hold substantial stock here in The Netherlands and we will be available 24/7 to serve you.

Primetake products are of the highest quality and in line with current norms, environmental requirements and ISO standards 9001 and 14001.

If you have any questions please contact: Johan van Rijen (Cell: +31 612058098) or Email:

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NWBC Ltd are Primetake’s Bird Scaring’s preferred UK distributor who have in excess of 18 years’ experience of ‘airside operations’.
Our wide range of airport services empower our customers to choose from a range of solutions from supply and training in bird control, habitat management, grass cutting, firearms, snow and ice clearance and ground service equipment hire. This enables us to offer bespoke solutions tailored to each and every clients individual requirements.
We can demonstrate the full range of Primetake’s products at your airfield and help you decide on the most effective way to choose and use the right cartridge and also manage the habitat in order to reduce the bird strike risk whilst keeping costs to a minimum and complying with all airfield regulations.

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Avian Safe/ Safeskys

Avian Safe is a wholly owned, independent subsidiary of SafeSkys Ltd, and works to ensure that airport operators understand and adhere to all relevant regulation, such as EASA, UKCAA regulations and laws concerned with bird control and wildlife management. More than this, Avian Safe seeks to share its insights into bird and animal behaviour, ensuring that bird and wildlife control measures are as enlightened as they are appropriate, relevant and thorough. Combining civil and military experience, we provide services which are flexible, innovative and uniquely cost-effective, provided by specialists who have over 30 year’s practical experience in Wildlife and Habitat Management.

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Queensland Gun Exchange

Qld Gun Exchange Pty Ltd established 1985 is a supplier of Bird Scaring by Primetake’s Cartridges and Equipment. Qld Gun Exchange offer nationwide distribution and technical support to airport, airfield, primary production, mining & government agencies for Primetake. Qld Gun Exchange also offer a large range of firearms and related accessories.

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