Icarus 12G™

Primetake Bird Scaring’s Highest Performing Round Yet…

Icarus 12G™

The Icarus 12G™ Cartridge produces a slight green tracer and smoke trail during flight with a loud report. The Cartridge comes in a black plastic case with a yellow top and has a range of 115m ± 10m (depending on environmental conditions) when fired at a recommended angle of 45°. With its market leading performance characteristics, the Icarus 12G™ cartridge is sure to be a powerful bird scaring solution for any user.

  • Exceptional range of 115m ± 10m
  • Cleaner burning energetics reducing weapon fouling
  • Cleaner burning energetics reducing smoke inhalation to user
  • Maintains FOD reduction
  • Greater pyrotechnic content for maximising report generation
  • High levels of visible trace
  • REACH compliant energetic charge
  • 5 Year Shelf Life*

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*Under controlled storage conditions.

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After rigorous design, development and testing, Primetake Bird Scaring have launched [...]

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The Icarus 12G™ round stands head and shoulders above other bird scaring products due to its [...]

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