Icarus™ 12G – Product Spotlight

22 January 2018

Just as Icarus flew too close to the sun, birds also have a tendency to fly too close to aircrafts on take-off and landing. Approximately 60% of bird strikes occur during landing phases of flight and 37% occur during take-off.

To help mitigate the risk of bird strikes and minimise disruption to commercial and military aircrafts, Primetake have developed their highest performing cartridge to date. Launched in early 2017 after an extensive research and development process and aptly named ‘Icarus’, the 12G round has the longest range of any of the birdscarers offered within the comprehensive Primetake birdscaring  product range ( for further details).

The Icarus produces a slight green smoke trail during flight and a loud report ensuring the safe dispersal of any wildlife in the immediate vicinity without causing any harm.

The effective range achieved by Primetakes Icarus cartridge can vary between 80m and 120m, with the average being 95m.  Variation in the ranges achieved may be as a result of the firers’ arm & hand position as well as weather conditions and prevailing winds at the time of use. Their extended range means that wildlife control activities can be conducted up to and beyond the runway area.

The graph below demonstrates the trajectory of the Icarus compared to other Primetake bird scaring rounds.


The Icarus 12G is able to be deployed accurately and rapidly even at long range, making it the perfect first defence against bird strikes.

More information on bird strikes is available in Primetake’s free whitepaper ‘Mitigating Birdstrikes’, available for download by clicking the link here. Alternatively if you would like to discuss the Icarus 12G or would like further information on the rest of our non-lethal range please email

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