Long Range Nitro Shotgun Cartridge


  • Smoke Trail
  • Loud Report
  • 50m ± 80m Range

The Long Range Nitro Cartridge produces a smoke trail during flight with a loud report. The effective range achieved by Primetakes Long Range cartridge can vary between 50m and 80m, with the average being 65m.  Variation in the ranges achieved may be as a result of the firers’ arm & hand position as well as weather conditions and prevailing winds at the time of use.

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12G Shotgun Screech


  • Tracer
  • High Pitch Screech
  • 70m ± 10m Range

The Shotgun Screech Cartridge fires a sub calibre tracer projectile emitting a high pitched screech during flight. The Cartridge comes in a black plastic case with a yellow top and has a distance of 70m ± 10m (depending on environmental conditions) when fired at a recommended angle of a 30°.

12G Shotgun Screech Data Sheet »


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