‘Bird Scaring by Primetake’s’ 12 Gauge Bird Scaring Cartridges have been specifically designed for airport bird control and are used at airfields and airports throughout the United Kingdom as well as leading airports around the world. They can be fired through a signal pistol sleeved to 12 gauge or an unchoked shotgun depending on the product variant. You can see our range of signal pistol cartridges and shotgun cartridges under their own categories.

Each cartridge fires a sub-calibre projectile with delays from 1.3 to 4.0 seconds to give varying ranges. A loud report or continuous screech is given at the designated range.

Our products are designed as non-lethal bird scaring solutions.

Bird Scaring Cartridge Products

Signal Pistols

‘Bird Scaring by Primetake’ also supply both 38mm and 26.5mm Signal Pistols, and when used with a Primetake supplied adapter can be used to fire our 12 gauge bird scaring cartridges. Cleaning kits and maintenance services are available for the Signal Pistol products.

For more technical information or data sheets relating to the products below, please contact us here.

‘Bird Scaring by Primetake’ are partnered with North West Bird Control who are our sole UK distributor for our bird scaring cartridges and products and also offer an array of airport wildlife management services.

Signal Pistols

Primetake offer high quality, reliable signal pistols to be used with the 12G birdscaring range.

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Pistol Cartridges

A range of 12G bird scaring cartridges with the highest quality and reliability for all requirements.

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Shotgun Cartridges

12G shotgun cartridges for all bird scaring requirements, built to the highest standards.

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