Bird Scaring Cartridges – Case Study

30 June 2017

Primetake’s market leading 12 Gauge Bird Scaring Cartridges have been adopted across the globe, including dozens of major international airports. Primetake have been manufacturing these cartridges for over 25 years and commercial and military airports continue to rely upon them as a rapidly deployable, highly effective method of bird dispersal within their immediate airspace. Manufactured to the highest ISO 9001 standards, the cartridges are trusted as a major contributor to airports wildlife management and safety operations.


Pyrotechnic bird scaring cartridges bear many advantages compared to alternative dispersal techniques such as audio distress calls. Studies have demonstrated that distress call broadcasts have a highly specific effect on a limited number of target species, but that pyrotechnic bird scaring cartridges used at the Airport boundary can affect a whole variety of species in the adjacent environment.

Some further advantages of pyrotechnic bird scaring cartridges are detailed below:

  • Rapid Deployment-

Primetake cartridges are very quick to deploy for fast response to flocking birds, changing flight direction or quickly dispersing birds from a specific location.

  • Enhanced Performance-

Highly effective bird dispersal which continues to disperse birds every use. Many customers report that birds have not built up a tolerance to the cartridges over time and therefore continue to be effective. This is made further possible with varying cartridge effects.

  • Distance-

Our cartridges have an effective range of between 40m and 115m ±10m depending on cartridge selection. This gives users great capability to reach birds at distance or height as required.

  • Sound Output-

The cartridges emit either a screech or loud report as the main method of dispersing birds which proves highly effective for our customers including many international airports.

  • Lighting/ Tracer effect-

Some of the bird scaring cartridges produce a tracer effect which in many instances increases the effectiveness of bird dispersal.

  • Reliable Performance-

Our cartridges are manufactured to the highest ISO 9001 standards in the UK meaning each cartridge is of the highest quality and reliability.

  • Clean/ Safe-

Primetake Bird Scaring cartridges are built for purpose and therefore built with reduced FOD in mind to ensure maximum safety for airside use.

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